robot charm (isosceles) wrote,
robot charm

Smell that everyone? That's the scent of a major burn!

I am so torn between laughing and crying right now. I auditioned to become a karaoke host a week ago and got the gig, I was so excited because they held auditions the entire month of February. The day I came in to learn the equipment happened to be a busy Saturday. I checked the website that day and every other day had already been updated with Karaoke Host pictures, but they had me guest host for over an hour that night so I felt great about it. The following Monday was my night, and it was emphasized that the more people I bring out, the more likely they are to ask me to host again. I truly tried my hardest to get people to come out, but 4 people showed up so I ended up singing most of the songs. I felt comfortable with the equipment and had a really good time being up there, but when I left he said, "If Alex does call you to host again..." to which I stupidly responded, "Oh that's where we are?" but come on! It takes time to build up clientele!! And it's Monday! I invited about fifty people, I only needed a quarter of them to come out, but it's Monday and it's midtown so I get it, it's hard.

But the real kicker in this is that I just came across a posting for this gig saying they were holding auditions for the entire month of March. Not only was it posted the day I hosted, but WHILE I was hosting!!! Wow.

It's not as though karaoke host is my ultimate goal, but did they have to post that ad while I was on stage? BUUUUUUUUURRRRRN.
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