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Crucial Costume

I must admit that after all the benefits you gain from working in the film business; the most rewarding of all is simply being able to say that’s what you do. The statement, “I work in film.” possesses infinite power. The Entertainment Industry is a fascinating field to be employed in to those who understand its inner workings as well as to those that do not. Odds are at any given party more than half of the guests loathe their jobs and another ten percent feel they are not earning enough money. Most Americans give up seventy to eighty percent of their lives for their careers, so it’s extremely lucky to find something you actually enjoy doing to occupy that massive chunk of time as well as finding legitimate compensation in wages. The subject matter isn’t exactly boring either. In a very small way I have a say in what entertains the public so I can usually find a way to keep someone’s attention on the topic, even if the listener lacks interest. When you’re talking to someone like myself with a great passion for every aspect of the business it’s very easily contagious. I get excited just saying it. I am a costumer.

In some ways wardrobe was always home to me. My Mother had already been working as a Costumer for over ten years when I moved to Orlando to be closer to her and attend college. Before I even enrolled in my classes she frequently reminded me how much fun we always had working together when I was younger and sometimes she invited me to assist her on gigs. Now that I was close enough to work with her, I could make significant income doing so. I hated my job, I disliked my courses, I was more than often completely broke, and I knew something big was missing from my life so it was really only a matter of time before I inevitably answered my calling. I finally accepted that it isn’t necessary to be part of the seventy to eighty percent of the miserably employed. I found that it’s possible to find purpose and fulfillment in the right career. I had a beautiful opportunity staring me right in the face, and had I not seized it I doubt I would have ever found contentment.

Over the years I’ve found more than just personal, professional and monitorial gratification in this line of work. I’ve been emotionally inspired in so many ways that it would be impossible to list them all, but one example of the most rewarding short term aspects I experienced was while working for Nickelodeon. I was specifically the Costumer to our elated child contestants to be on a kid’s network game-show. When I was little myself there was a show called Double Dare which was the basis of the show I was working on. I always dreamed of being on that show and getting slimed, but even though I never was able, I later got something even better. Sharing every day what each new group of kids were experiencing, the thrill of being on live television and getting slimed was one of the greatest benefits I’ve ever taken away from a job and it was realized daily. One of my greatest long term achievements came to fruition long after I was through working on the project. I was asked to work some of the prep-days to tech and age some clothes for a movie that would much later be nominated for almost thirty academy awards. Half of which we won. I say we won although the costume department wasn’t awarded at that particular time because every aspect of film so greatly affects all of its other components that it’s as a crew we are all recognized. I know how crucial my work was to the final product. The movie, about a terrifying murderess that they named the film Monster after, simply would have been a different product all together had she adorned brightly colored grandma sweaters instead of tattered old filthy clothes. Her costumes played an enormous roll in chilling the audience in this case. In many ways costumes can drastically play characters all on their own. You wouldn’t want the actors in a Victorian period piece wearing American Apparel, and the more accurate their wardrobe is, the less explanation is necessary for the audience to believe and understand the plot.

We watch films to escape our daily lives. We seek most facets of entertainment for that reason and it’s a necessary means to coping with daily stress. The idea is mainly to be able to fall right into the story and get lost in it. In many ways costumes tell the details of the story before anything else. You can depict just by the actors clothing what era it takes place, the location of where you are, and possibly personality traits of the character you are watching. With these elements in place in mere moments you can find yourself lost in the narrative, not even realizing half of what you already know about the story you learned from the wardrobe.
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