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so to speak.

So I was thinking about how I'm always invited on facebook to these NYC events called "Flil†h" and "PSYCHOTIC REACTION" and it reminds me of a time when my favorite band was called, "I Hate Myself"

I went to see Lady Gaga last week and I know it will shame you to hear that I thought the show was worth the money and time (not that I spent money) because the woman has talent. However, finding out afterwards from her guitarist and friend of a friends word of mouth that her success in electronic music was born out of excessive delving into "whatever-will-make-me" dulls the excitement I got from her adrenaline bliss to practically nil. The words used on both accounts are, "She tried everything else before this, she's all rock and roll, but this is the first thing that worked. "Worked." Don't you mean, "Paid?" I get loving all different types of music. What I don't get is not giving a damn about the integrity. I saw something I recognized when she cried at the end of her encore, she has a passion, but I am also certain that she could be developing as a song writer, which would be to her (and our) benefit, if she'd stuck with what meant something to her. She is no Billy Joel. Yet. But with this garbage in her way she's never gonna be. In the mean time it's hard to respect her love for merely performing when it's mostly ear garbage. I want to see more from people that have that kind of drive. Like, use this time to get known and then do a Ben Folds meets Tori Amos "I-do-what-the-fuck-I-like" career. Please?
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