robot charm (isosceles) wrote,
robot charm

what a shame.

so strange that I happened to notice this tiny old brown building only a few days ago in a cab ride to work, thinking what an amazing little Bohemian Shanty. It stands out much more after the Hotel was erected, but somehow I only just noticed it. Now that I live in Manhattan I decided to pick up for the first time a copy of East Villager. The front page happens to be about 35 Cooper Square and how the Cooper Union hotel is going to tear it down, because the Landmarks douches say it doesn't meet the criteria to be considered historical. I just don't see how with it's rich 186 years. The amount of celebrities involved in it's businesses and rentals is pretty amazing. Liza Manelli lived there in the 60's! The original structure is just on the other side of a little stucco. Even so, when the owners of the property are putting up puke like this all around it, isn't it already a little ruined?

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