robot charm (isosceles) wrote,
robot charm

Opposite Day

I was not only told the wrong location to start my first day with this company, but also told the the wrong time. Three hours before I was supposed to be there. This is probably a good example of what it's going to be like working for this company. It's a good thing I plan on making it a second home because otherwise with these kinds of mix ups I would be frustrated all the time. It's unfortunate that I lost out on an extra two hours of sleep, but it's also to my advantage to have gotten up this early so I can get used to the hours. After all, these are the new hours I will be working. Sometimes even earlier than 7 am, so, it will take some adjusting.

As far as the rest of my life goes, it's pretty much over, which has to be remembered by me. When people invite me to do things on weeknight I must simply say no. Be at home by 8pm and in bed by nine at the latest. I can do this. I welcome my new life.
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people invite you to do things?
what's that like?
for the story's sake, let's say they did...