robot charm (isosceles) wrote,
robot charm

it takes two to make the thing go righeet

What is the term for a renewed situation that is totally different than it was before, yet simultaneously completely the same.

Well, guess probably ends the same the second time. How often do you hear success stories about homeless people turning their lives around to become successful humans in society with a positive attitude. Let me see...I've never heard that story before. I guess if you just suck at something, i.e. life, the best thing to do is just accept this and continue suffering on a sub-scale rather than pursuing the grandiose, which comes with greater and more long lasting negative side effects.

Nasty repercussions aside, I feel brave to know this and continue.

Also, I think my new job might eat my entire life outside of it. I think it's been gnawing like my social life is beef jerky. It's like a dog bone, you notice it gets smaller and smaller and then suddenly it's just gone.
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